What do you think about the Detachable Heel System?

Friday, August 13, 2010

We are trying to build the website in a way that allow the customer to be able to shop for heels and soles. We are building it in a why where when you find a sole that you are interested in, you will click on that heel to highlight it.... Then when you see a heel that you are interested in, you will click on that heel ...and a picture of the sole that you have chosen and heel attached to give you a complete view of the shoe as a whole and how your choice would look together. Its new and its fun…See More


  1. Fan, today I got very very very very exciting news. My attorney informed me that I can now feel free to show the Animation for the Detachable Heel System. When he told me that I started to cry because I have been waiting 3.6 years to be able to show everyone how it works. Yeyyyyy.... Im so so so happy and I know you al......l are as well!!! I will post the Detachable Heel System Animation once I get 5000 fans. Yes 5000 fans, I want it to be a Facebook Launch Party!!!! Yes, A Facebook Launch Party!!!! I want you all to suggest this page to your friends and family and post this page as a link on your page and """***Lets make that 5000 Fans***"""

  2. i wonder where you got the idea, u know this hast a patent, you will be contacted soon.